egg whites only?

Over the last few months, I’ve started to become more interested in eating better: less processed foods, more fresh and local produce, naturally occurring fats and calories, and so on. I hope weight loss will be a long term side effect of my healthy eating, but mostly I’m doing it because I feel better when I eat fresh veggies and minimally processed foods. My wallet may not like eating this way, but my body sure does!

I love eggs, and usually go through a carton every 1-2 weeks (that’s for 1 person, with minimal baking). I’ve always heard that for weight loss you should be eating the whites and not the yolks, so for my week of experimenting, I decided to give egg whites a try. My old friend Molly always has amazing-looking egg white omelettes like this, this and this, so i decided to try something similar. I didn’t want to get eggs and waste the yolks, but TJ’s had Quick Whites brand “egg white product” on sale so I went with that since it was 100% egg whites: an ingredient list I can get behind!

I like my eggs scrambled, so I decided to do a throwback to my days in Germany and do scrambled eggs with ham and tomatoes plus a touch of my favorite spice blend on toast. Favorite spice blend: herbs de provence. It’s so good… especially when you buy it from a street market in Provence! I put this great blend in just about everything, but its a love it or hate it thing– my dad cannot stand to eat food with even a pinch.

I got these TJ’s multigrain thins the other day, so yay for experiment number 2! Toasted and topped with my favorite add-in spinach (I go through a bag a week) and lots of Brie (another Germany tradition), these were a big winner!

My cooking method for the eggs is pretty simple: tear the ham into small pieces and dice a bit of tomato and warm them with some butter in the pan. Add in eggs, in this case enough egg whites to equal 3 eggs, a splash of milk, and spices + s&p and scramble till done. I originally just did 2 eggs worth, but it didn’t look like enough so I added the third.

Toss on top of the brie and enjoy some gooey melty goodness. Add in the other half of yesterday’s pear (I just cut the brown off in a thin slice and it looks good as new) and you have my wedding-day breakfast of champions!

Not my wedding, natch, but my good friends Scott and Melissa

For some reason, open bars bring out the best in us!

me with the bride and bride-to-be!

oh boy… 🙂

Overall it was a good night with good friends.. ok lets be realistic, it was a drunken shitshow 🙂 Cannot wait for a repeat of this next weekend when the other bride- and groom-to-be tie the knot!

I’m off to all day sushi happy hour… I can hear the husker rolls calling my name!

Happy Sunday


One thought on “egg whites only?

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love the brie & spinach… I will have to recreate with some tomatoes!

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