sushi love (x2)

As I said last time, Sunday was my day for sushi at one of my favorite restaurants in Omaha, Hiro 88 in the Old Market. I was going to meet a friend for food before work that night, but it didn’t work out so we rescheduled for Monday and I went in anyway on Sunday to get some work done while eating my favorite food… aka 2 days of deliciousness!

Great location and scenery (I always sit outside) to go with the food!

Unfortunately, I started out with a flop. Every time I go, I want to get the calamari since it’s one of my favorite foods. Too bad it’s been terrible every time I’ve ordered it, which I remember on my first bite. Hopefully I remember next time not to order it (4 chances is more than fair, right?)

Luckily though, next came this beauty:

(I was experimenting with the food setting on my camera and the color was really off, sorry for the bad pics!)

Hiro is home to my very favorite roll, the Husker roll. This little gem is named after our football team, of course, and features a Nebraska staple: beef! Every sushi place here has a Nebraska roll with beef, but Hiro’s is tempura beef with cream cheese, asparagus and eel sauce. so good!

The spicy two-in-one is pretty good if you like spicy, but I wanted a little more crunch in my roll. They tried with the tempura crisp on top, but crunch is hard to come by in a roll with spicy tuna, spicy salmon and rice.

Day 2 was far more awesome: went and saw Bridesmaids (for the second time– its that good!) and then had a sushi and booze-filled dish fest with a friend. I have no problem going out to eat, or really doing anything, alone, but its always more fun with friends!

Luckily I got my crunch and spicy in on Monday when we got the Hiro Crunch roll: crab, avacado and cucumber, tempura fried and drizzled with hot sauce. Sadly no pic, but still delish.

I also got to introduce my friend to Husker rolls, edamame (she was asking why people kept ordering peas), and their awesome cocktail menu. I had 4 spatinis (Citron vodka, sour mix, mint and cucumber) while she tried 4 different cocktails. Everything was bomb and luckily under 5 bucks for happy hour!

After sushi, we had to walk of some of those calories with a stroll around downtown. If you are in Omaha anytime, you should visit the Old Market, and if you’re there in the spring/summer (holla CWS!)/fall you should definitely take a stroll around the Gene Leahy Mall and over to the Bob Kerry Pedestrain Bridge, which crosses the Missouri River and connects Omaha and Council Bluffs. (Plus it has one of those fun state line things where you can stand in 2 states at once!)

Sometimes I think I want to get out of Omaha and then I take a walk down there and realize how beautiful this city is and how much I love living here. It is, after all, my favorite city in the whole world (followed by Stockholm and Chicago)!


4 thoughts on “sushi love (x2)

  1. The pictures are great! You are becoming quite the food fancy! You will make a great wife someday! haha, can’t wait to try some of these foods!

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