the benefits of my job…

… look like this:

ok maybe Bo doesn’t look so great (weird, thats the same face he makes in his coach picture. apparently that’s a planned look??), but look at me rocking that tux!

As much as it pains me to have to explain this, for any of you non-Husker readers, this is our football coach Bo Pelini. And by “our” I mean THE NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS!

But coach wasn’t the only person there:

Former Husker Tommie Frazier. Also, former Doane College football coach. So, I impressed everyone when he greeted me with “long time, no see!”

Back in the day when he was the football coach, I was the football beat reporter/sports editor for our campus newspaper, and I was in his office every Tuesday interviewing him. My claim to fame was that I had a guaranteed spot and ESPN had to schedule around me!

Lindy the Husker fan got in on the Pelini action,

annnd Kaleen… well she just got crazy with fajitas for lunch.

We got a break in the afternoon so I took the time to decorate her photo… I was going to use tacos but Picnik didn’t have any so I improvised and used football decorations. But she looks good here, right?

Anywho, I worked a double, so not much went on today. I ate my go-to breakfast of Yoplait Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt (I’m addicted) and a Kashi TLC bar, worked all day and then went to a late show of Hangover 2 with some friends.

HIlarious, btw. Don’t believe the critics who say it isn’t. Just make sure you get there early– the 10:45 showing at a not-busy theatre sold out last night.

Now off to (hopefully) meet an old friend for late lunch, work + chow down on the seafood buffet, and then hit the town with some friends here for wedding weekend!

Same time tomorrow?


2 thoughts on “the benefits of my job…

  1. haha looks like you had some fun today lady

    • ooh definitely.. sadly I don’t have a digital pic from a few weeks ago when Ronald McDonald came in! That’s on my bulletin board tho!

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