Wedding Weekend!

ok after wordpress deleted the first half of this post once and then deleted the entire thing after I spent an hour rewriting it, all i want to say is f you wordpress. gah. so frustrated.

Also, fun fact: this is the third draft of this post AND the third completely different introduction!


So I’ve decided to think of this weekend as a sandwich. A sandwich with amazingly delicious toppings, but stale bread… the bad bread put a little damper on it, but the inside was so good its still a winner!

For the first piece of bread, this happened on Friday:

The tire blew as I was getting off the interstate taking a friend home, due to my failure to keep my tires properly inflated and a slow leak in this baby. Whoops :/

Luckily, my friend Jon knew just what to do: got out the spare tire and then asked me where the jack was. Having blown a tire in a pothole a few years ago, I knew exactly what he needed and handed him this:

Yeahhhhhh. No amount of mocking will ever make the fact that I thought the lug wrench was a jack go away.

Even more luckily, though, the house we were parked in front of had a good samaritan who had an actual jack and let Jon get to work changing my tire while I had the arduous task of taking pictures.

Spare tire on and ruined (the hole was on the sidewall aka unfixable) tire in my trunk, I ran over to a car shop hoping to get this fixed before work. They did have a tire in stock that would fit, but only a new one. Thanks, slow leak, for that $100 tire fix. Since the whole incident gave me no time to eat lunch, I grabbed the healthiest-looking gas station food I could find, and prayed it would last me until I got to eat again around 9/1o. Enter: almonds.

Somehow, these babies kept me satisfied through a 5-hour shift at work until I got to chow down on the seafood buffet. Crab legs, oysters on the half shell and jumbo shrimp, anyone? Yes please! (See, we’re already getting to the good parts!)

Saturday I had to work, and some computer drama there kept me waaaaaaaay later than I had intended. I had a 30ish minute drive to the church, so I wanted to leave work by 3:30 to leave time to shower and get ready. Instead I left at 4:15. The rehearsal started at 5… and I made it, showered and everything, WITHOUT speeding, by 5:15. Apparently things (mostly a lack of traffic) just aligned into an epic WIN! I mean I may have done my hair and makeup in the car and not shaved my legs, but still, a win!

I only cried like 3 times during the rehearsal, and then onto the dinner!

Now, way back in February at the Super Bowl, bride Rachel had admired my family’s bar coaster collection and said that she should do something like that. Because Jon and I are awesome friends and frequent bar-goers, we took it upon ourselves to make this happen. Over the last almost 4 months, we’ve collected 2 of every new coaster we’ve seen and finally presented it to Rachel Friday night.

I wish I had a picture of her face when she opened it, but alas… regardless, it was a great moment. She remembered saying she wanted these, but she had no idea we did. Those are my favorite kind of gifts to give– totally surprising and unexpected!

Once we got that taken care of, we had plenty of time to lounge in the corner where we thought the other guests were giving us the irresponsible eye. Turns out, though, that what they were actually doing was talking to each other about how much fun we looked like we were having as they wistfully watched our little “private party.” True story– people made comments to the bride and groom!

Luckily, we got some photo time in!

girls: Erin/Red, Melissa, Rachel, Me, Candice

boys: Adam (the groom: guess which one he is!), Scott, Greg, Craig, Colin and Jon

I’m in a pretty couple heavy group of friends which makes for an interesting summer: I wrote about Scott and Melissa’s wedding last week, and this weekend was Rachel and Adam’s. Then, at the end of the summer Candice and Greg tie the knot. The other Erin/Red and Jon aren’t quite there yet, but make up the fourth couple… leaving me, Craig and Colin as the singles. These guys are all so much fun I usually forget about that, though!

After dinner most of us went out to the bar and then a smaller group went for a late-night breakfast with the groom (At Denny’s, cuz we’re classy!), and then the next day as the boys went to do pictures, Red and I had a girly day: pedis, lunch and gift wrapping!

I introduced Red to my favorite pedi place: Mohegan Nail Spa. We get the full treatment: orange rub, hot stones, massage, plus the polish. I wanted pink toes to match my corsage, and after trying in vain to explain that I wanted swirls in black and silver, I just settled for the usual design: “lines.”


One of the salon ladies had this sweet blue color that I definitely want to get next time before I roll out the Husker polish again come football season.

After pedis was lunch time at an old favorite, Noodles and Co. I got the usual, Pesto Cavatappi with tofu, no mushrooms (realized I’ve been eating this same meal there for like 7 years, scary!)

Once I got over my chopsticks issue, I ate the entire bowl in about 8 minutes flat.

After that, gettin pretty time, and then WEDDING!

I was a hostess for them, so unfortunately I was a little more focused on doing that than taking pictures… my scrapbook page for this event will be cobbled together from everyone else’s pics.

Luckily I got to snap a few shots of this amazing day… and chow down on some freaking delicious cake pops courtesy of the bride’s sisters. I may be recreating these for my birthday! I sobbed through the toasts and dances, and pretty sure cried more than the moms. (I was sitting with them so this is definitely true.) What can I say? I just love weddings!

Congrats you two! Here’s to many more years together!

The other downside of the weekend came on Monday when I woke up looking like this:

And spent the whole day nursing a hangover/working that night. super sucky… especially since everyone else went out to the lake to celebrate Memorial Day. Hangovers are a lot better with some hair of the dog action than spending the day in bed just looking like that dog 🙂

(also that part where I wrote 1.5 versions of this post that got deleted. no bueno!)

I’m off to pack/move and enjoy my last 2 days of being 23!

800 hours of working on this post later, I’m peacing out!


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