Change of scenery

Hi from my new HQ! Sorry for my absence the last few days! I’ve been moving and also celebrated my birthday, so lots of plans + a missing camera cord = lots of photos to go through and not very much blogging. But I’m back and hopefully resuming my posting schedule to help keep your life full of awesome!

First things first: Happy Birthday to ME! (My facebook/party picture. Clearly I don’t need anyone else to have a sweet party :D)

My big goal was that by the time I turned 24 I would be moved into a new place, and mission accomplished! I’m taking my time to move the remaining smaller things in, but the day before my birthday my dad helped me move all my (super heavy) furniture in, and I’m enjoying bonding with the bed I missed so much when I left for college. It’s good to be back. Just realized that I have yet to take a pic of the room– I’ll get one up soon!

I moved into a house just a few blocks from my old one, with 2 girls I don’t really know (yet) that I found on craigslist. I know some people think its super sketch but I think as long as you’re careful its pretty legit. One unexpected side effect of this was meeting my new roomie Lola.

She thinks we’re besties who should hang out every.single.second. I’m concerned she’s turning me into a cat lady… I’ve already take a LOT of pictures :/

I had two other exciting big things this week: Wicked and my birthday festivities.

Once upon a time, my family went to New York for Christmas. I had just read this sweet book in my high school’s book club called Wicked. As we were walking down the streets, I saw signs EVERYWHERE for Wicked on Broadway. I begged and pleaded with my parents to let me go. Meanies said no. I was sad.

A year or two later, we went to Chicago for the Fourth. As we walked around town, I saw signs EVERYWHERE for Wicked in Chicago. I begged and pleaded with my parents to let me go. Meanies said no. I was very sad.

A few years later I get the news that Wicked is coming to Omaha! Too bad I lived in freaking GERMANY at the time. I was even sadder.

So, jump to earlier this year when I get the news that Wicked will be back in town, and through some stroke of luck it is over my birthday… naturally I HAD to go!

(ps yay for a full length shot of the dress!)

My mom tried to buy me $128 tickets so we could have sweet seats, but I told her we had to check out the lottery– $25 tickets for orchestra floor. I missed out on the lottery tix, but we did get center floor seats, 3 rows behind the $128 seats, for 40 bucks each. Sweet deal!

The show? umm I had no words. SO good, and so glad I finally got to see it.. and even happier that it was worth the loooong wait.

Last but not least, my birthday party!

After last year’s shitshow,

(That’s my arm tally (a throwback to my college days) of the 23 drinks I intended to drink for my 23rd birthday. I succeeded, plus one to grow on. Annnnd regretted it during my 3 day hangover.)

… I just wanted a fun evening with friends and finger foods, and it’s just what I had!

Unfortunately there was one uninvited guest: Mosquitos. They must have been in a festive mood cuz I have 22 bites. UGH.

I’m glad I have such amazing people in my life, and here’s to many more years of friendship!

What I Ate post to come tomorrow!


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