A tale of Two Lunches

So I had friends over for a sweet dinner party over the weekend. Now that I am living in a house, I feel like I should be doing other grown up things too. The menu was pretty simple: my famous pesto with grilled chicken. When I went to Trader Joe’s to pick up the essentials, the first thing I saw was a giant basil plant for $6. I walked inside and there were mini plants for $2.50. So, lucky me picked up basil, chives, and rosemary for my new little herb garden.

Fyi, that’s the basil after I picked off 1.5 cups for pesto AND made tomato-mozz-basil crostini for appetizers. And the chives after I trimmed SIX INCHES off the entire plant. Crazy good deal if you love chives like I do!

The other sweet deal I found was on leeks! Leeks are one of my favorite veggies, and they are impossible to find around here. You can only use the white part, and I typically pay $4 for ~2 inches of useable veg. Not ok. TJs had 8 inch leek stalks that were fairly slim but all beautiful useable whites. That, plus my produce stand potatoes from the other day, and I was ready for a little amuse bouche to REALLY play grownup.

Sadly, my cam was dead so no pictures of the actual presentation in spoons like these, but it was the same as my lunch this afternoon. Vichyssoise… I do love you!

In case you’re not familiar, vichyssoise is a potato, leek and onion soup, typically served cold. It’s pretty hard to mess up since the ingredients are potatos, leeks, onion, chicken stock, and cream at the very end.  I straight up followed this recipe, and it turned out amazing. Well, almost followed it… I mixed it up with my favorite herbs and used chicken stock + water instead of broth. And then I topped it with my new find, cream from a semi-local dairy. Two thumbs up from my taste-testers!

Totally worth the $2 deposit for the glass bottle! Their milk is amazing as well, farm fresh, bottled within 26 hours, and hormone free. So good!

A little spoonful on top, plus a few chives clipped from my newly shaved plant and this soup is good to go… plus, bonus, no heating time! Perfect on a 100+ day in Nebraska.

Last night I was trying to clear out make a dent in my Google Reader, which has reached that sad “1000+” mark, when I came across Nicole‘s latest post: her 100 lunches project. Basically the premise is that she finds 100 people who inspire her and wants to have lunch with them before her 30th birthday. I kind of love love love this idea, so I think I might make my own inspiration list right here. Luckily my 30th birthday is a long way away so this seems totally do-able!

Now my only question is, can I put people on my list who I’ve already had this lunch with? Immediately one man comes to mind, a man who graduated from my alma mater, Don Nyrop. I helped write a paper on him a few years ago and got to interview him– many of his words still stick with me and remind me that no matter where I came from, I can do anything. There’s not much you can find online about him, but his NY Times Obit gives the basic story. As he told me, he was just a small town boy from the Midwest doing the best he could, and it it took him from a tiny town in Nebraska to the head of Northwest Airlines.

Don Nyrop, 1912-2010. Photo Credit

The renamed Don Nyrop Great Hall at Doane College, during the dedication ceremony. Photo Credit

So now that I’ve crossed off number one, here’s the first part of my list:

So there are my first 39… the reast I am still thinking of/thinking of categories for. I had to leave a blank space on the smartest people i know list, since one of those spots would have gone to my grandpa… but since he’s not around, it doesn’t seem right to put him on the list. Luckily, like Mr. Nyrop, I got all the words of wisdom I could before he died.

So, who would you put on your list? What do you think of this idea? Let me know in the comments and make sure to head over to Nicole’s site to comment there, too!


5 thoughts on “A tale of Two Lunches

  1. When you’re ready to start checking people off of your list, I’ll totally have lunch with you!!

  2. AH I love it Erin! That is a great thing. Wow you better start only 6 more young years in our 20s before this challenge of yours is up.

    Miss you!

    • I know, so… let’s have lunch! Seriously though, I need some moldol in my life! thank god for this blogging thing so I know what you’re up to!

  3. I love this idea Erin! Only 6 years left in our young 20s before this challenge of urs is up! woof.

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