Pinterest Challenge… CHECK!

**Welcome to those of you stopping by from the Pinterest Challenge! Feel free to leave a comment and link me back to your own creations! Thanks for stopping by!**

So way back in the day I used to be a huge crafty person. Over the last few years, though, I haven’t really had the time to get as involved in some of the projects I used to love. I still have my scrapbooking time, but other than that, craft hour is pretty infrequent.

So, when I saw the Pinterest Challenge over at Young House Love, I figured it was the perfect time to dust off my old paintbrushes and get crafty!

My first inspiration was Julie‘s obsession with turquoise, yellow, lime green, and hot pink spray paint and painting mason jars:

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Then the beauties made by this local artist I saw at the farmer’s market this weekend:
Conveniently in the same color family!
My last inspiration was my need for a new jewelry hanger. My dad made me one a while ago that worked great, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, and it’s currently being used elsewhere. I saw a few of these beauts on pinterest and it got me thinking…
So on it!
p.s. does anyone else have problems embedding pinterest pics? advice for me?
Then, I went shopping and found a mason jar for 10 cents, two wall-mount candle holders for $1.99 each, a little shelf thingie for $2.99, this hideous gold belly chain with awesome decorative plates in it for $6.99, remnant fabric for $1.49, some aqua Rustoleum for $4,99, little hooks for $4.79 and sandpaper for $3.57.
And thus, my project(s) were born!
Candle holder (x2)
Imagine these babies as part of a belly chain. ps these could bend in half… obviously high quality. Also, thanks to Goodwill in Omaha for these steals! While I was there I almost bought a $25 sewing machine, too. If I have it, it means I’ll learn to sew, right?
The green is the other shelf thingie. Notice the already-colored lawn from when the house got painted :/ I sanded the wood a little cuz I’ve heard you’re supposed to do that? I also pre-screwed in my hook holes but you can’t see them here.
Woo painting round one! That would be Rustoleum in Aqua, from Hobby Lobby. Not free cuz I’m not big time enough for that 🙂  Plus my sweet new phone. Fail-tacular event happened after this when, forgetting I had sprayed the back of the larger (formerly green) shelf in order to get that hole filled in, I grabbed that part to pick it up. Drying + sanding ensued, as will more spraying tomorrow! Whoops!
Because I’m ridiculously impatient and I was on such a crafty kick, I let the usable one dry for like an hour before experimenting with it:
 With the hooks… it’s looking good!
This guy hold 6 necklaces, and the green one holds eight. My vision is to have the green one in the center flanked by these ones on each side… I’ll keep you posted after everything gets another coat, and dries for the appropriate time. I love the little shelf, since its the perfect place for my chopstick-holders-turned-earring-storage. So excited about this!
And as if that wasn’t enough, I also got to play with those little gold plates a little and end up with this:
I got the fabric remnant at Hobby Lobby and knew I wanted to do a bright color. I had some issues with the spray paint not sticking, so I painted one pink and tried (and failed) to paint 2 others yellow. (Turns out blue + yellow = green. crazy!) So I experimented with the least chippy blues and made these two frames. The larger one is a 4×6 white frame from IKEA, and the polaroid one is from Umbra. Can’t wait to get these two on the wall!
I didn’t quite get to the mason jar (full disclosure: I forgot), but I did get myself a cheerful new flower arrangement next to my sweet bulletin board.
All in all, an excellent and productive “Craft Monday” and totally successful way for me to kick off the Pinterest Challenge! Cannot wait for my future crafty days. I have about 4 projects already bouncing around, plus 200 pics showing up this week. Love it!


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