Westward Bound!

Wow, I am behind the times. All that pinterest-inspired crafting got me in the mood, so I’ve spent the last week or so buried in my craft supplies coming up with some projects, scrapbooking the 300 or so pictures I’ve got laying around, and trying to decide what to keep and what to toss. I’m debating getting serious about this and opening up an etsy store. I used to get super crafty and make stuff for people, so I’m wondering if people would pay for it. I guess we will have to see!

Anyway, I mentioned a couple posts ago that I spent a few days in western Nebraska… Ogallala to be specific.

That’s 5 hours of driving each way. Holla for solo road trips!

The occasion? Visiting my college bestie, Sarah. She is currently in law school in Minnesota, and spent her summer in Chile… so we were waaaaay overdue for some bestie time!

Aww, look at us… celebrating Sarah’s 21st in Crete… yay for Cristina’s! For the record, I was *definitely* also 21.

I began my looooooong voyage to Ogallala by stocking my car with necessities: a sweet mix CD and some road snacks.

Some leftover grapes and salami from Jazz on the Green the day before, a pound of cherries I meant to make into cobbler but forgot about and a bowl of some cereal I rescued from the continental breakfast after a hotel party! p.s. this cereal is AMAZING and makes me want to start eating cereal again. HIGHLY recommended.

As for the mix, these are my jams! Some oldies, some high school/college classics, some good summer songs. Plus my awkward obsession, Rebecca Black. I just love that song. Sorry I’m not sorry!

With food and music covered, I headed down the road. First stop: Crete, for Cristina’s! I actually picked up our dinner for the night… that’s just how Sarah’s family rolls: 4-hour delivery for dinner!

Sarah and my favorite hangout. We may or may not have been here once a week during my last year of college.

Cristina’s to-go happy face!

With the food safely tucked in my back seat, and 90 minute detour behind me, I hit the road again. I put the camera away that night, but Sarah’s awesome mom greeted us with this the next morning:

Yummy! She is a smoothie aficionado, just like me, but she has stumbled onto the sweet trick of putting in a spoonful of flax seed meal into her smoothies to beef it up. In return, I think I inspired her to give spinach a chance! Love trading tips like that– and I definitely will be trying that soon. Breakfast was an old, long-forgotten favorite of mine: biscuits topped with butter and corn syrup to make a butterscotch topping. Soooo bad, but oh-so-good!

Lunch was perfect after a long morning of catching up on our lives: Ham and cheese sandwich.

Seriously, sometimes I get so wrapped up in trying to eat all the amazing things other bloggers are cooking that I forget how much I love a simple sandwich for lunch. It’s the perfect amount of fuel for my afternoon, and goes great with some carrot sticks and an apple or some chips and a cupcake. (its all or nothing, people!) I think I need to remember to keep this in my rotation.

That day, though, this sandwich was the perfect fuel for something I was super excited about: TILING! Sarah and her mom are crazy DIY-ers and have fully tiled and painted and decorated and everything-ed two full houses and are starting in on a third. I was super excited to “help” them as part of my trip.

They were working on the wall around the tub while I was there, so while Linda cut the tiles to size with her very own wet saw and Sarah measured, placed and spaced them into place, I was busy picking the best pattern for the glass accent tiles. I think I did an excellent job! I also got to handle the level… sometimes. Either way, I like to think of this as my bathtub since I did all the manual labor 😉

A cell phone pic once it was finished, courtesy of Sarah. Love how it looks, even if you can’t quite tell in this pic!

Spinach deliciousness topped with my favorite condiment: Cristina’s salsa. Let’s not talk about the pile of butter that corn is sitting in… let’s just say it was delicious!

We finished off the night with a trip to a local bar that puts on a revue loosely based on the history of the town. If you didn’t know, Ogallala was a big town for the cattle drives, so the show is about the cowboys and other who settled the town and the girls who… entertained them 😉

The show was great. It’s put on by a rotating cast of local high school and college kids and is a must see if you are ever passing through during the summer. It’s right along I-80, people! Plus, how can you resist a shootout?

Getting silly before the show. My surprised face that I’m outside the jail and not in it; Sarah and I looking totally legit in period costumes, and Sarah’s mom and I.

The showgirls, the shootout, and the cowboys. It was hard to believe these kids were all just high school students!

A great day for my first time in Ogallala!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the rest of the trip, but in the meantime…

Have you ever been to Ogallala or seen this show?

What do you look for in an etsy shop?

Leave me some comment love! 🙂


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