Switching Gears

Yeah, it’s been a while. Anyway…

I’ve recently gotten hit by the coupon bug, so I wanted to share today’s haul!


I hit up CVS and then K-Mart for a few specifics plus Double Coupons! There are no double coupons in Omaha normally, so when I found out, I had to get there ASAP. Unfortunately, you can only double 5 per day, so I had to make mine count– but I got lucky and all mine were $1.00 ones, aka an extra $5.00 off.

CVS #1
Total: 14.48, Saved 25.67

2 Gain Dish Soap     Regular 1.67, Sale 1.00, Deal OTD 2/1.00
Nature Made Vitamin D     Regular 9.99, Sale BOGO, Coupon -2.00/1
Nature Made Vitamin D     Regular 9.79, Sale BOGO
Nature Made Vitamin B12    Regular 8.79, Sale BOGO, Coupon -1.75/2
Nature Made Vitamin C    Regular 6.79, Sale BOGO
CVS Rewards $3 off a $15 Vitamin Purchase

CVS #2
Total: 9.85, Saved 11.57

Garnier Curl Gel     Regular 4.49, Sale 3/10.00, Coupon 1.00/1
Garnier PureClean Shampoo     Regular 3.99, Sale 3/10.00, Coupon 1.00/1
Garnier PureClean Conditioner     Regular 3.99, Sale 3/10.00, Coupon 1.00/1
2 Fiber One Protein Brownie    Regular 4.19, Clearance 25% off 3.14, Coupon -1.00/2
CVS Rewards $3 off any $15 purchase

CVS #3
Total: 8.20, Saved 19.48

4 CVS 6-Blade Razor Handle     Regular 5.49, Clearance 75% off 1.37
CVS 6 Blade Refills    Regular 4.99
CVS Rewards $3 off a $10 Blade, Razors, Shave Gel Purchase

Ordinarily I would not have bought the vitamins, but I needed the B12 and C, and my local news station is running a collection for vitamins to send to Africa. I figured the savings on the vitamin D, plus the CVS Rewards savings were worth it to make the donation as well. I also wasn’t planning to buy the razors, but I am running low. I couldn’t resist the 1.37 per razor price since I usually pay about 7 bucks for a 5 pack.

K-MartTotal: 28.22, Saved 31.16

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream     Regular 4.99, Sale 3.49, Coupon -1.00/1
JVC Black Cool Headphones     Regular 6.99, Sale 20% off 5.59
2 Halls Cough Drops     Regular 1.99, Sale 1.50, Coupon -1.00/1 *doubled
2 Downy Free     Regular 5.49, Coupon -1.50/2
Tide Free Boost 18 Ct     Regular 6.99, Coupon -3.00/1
Mott’s Snack and Go Applesauce 4pk     Regular 3.39, Coupon -0.55/1
2 Betty Crocker Dora Fruit Snacks 10pk     Regular 2.99, Sale 2.50, Coupon -1.00/2
2 Hormel Compleats     Regular 2.99, Sale 2.50, Coupon -1.00/1 x2 *doubled
2 Barilla Microwave Meals     Regular 2.99, Sale 2.50, Coupon -1.00/1 x2 *doubled
Pop Chips     Regular 2.79, Coupon FREE w/ $25 purchase
K-Mart Award Card 5.00

All in all, I spent 60.75, and saved 87.88– just under 41% savings. Plus, I bought the Downy for my dad so I can take an extra 6 bucks off my total 🙂 I was pretty happy with this since everything on here except the vitamins were either regular or restocking purchases. Luckily, lotion is one of the few things I’m not super brand loyal on so I just took the sale ones– it really makes this easier. The costs really add up for those granola bars, applesauce, and fruit snacks when you go through them as fast as I do– but I have to have them! I was also excited to get the Pop Chips free.

I’ll have to give you a look next time I do a big grocery trip– I’ve been at 50% or more on those.

Who knows if I’ll keep up the blogging, but I expect it will be a lot more random than just a cooking blog– especially since my awesome camera broke and my new one somehow doesn’t focus.

So see you soon, maybe?!

Tell me: Do you coupon at all?


2 thoughts on “Switching Gears

  1. Thats a lot of savings! I have just started couponing. I’ve been using printablecouponsanddeals.com It’s a lot easier than running around to specific websites to grab coupons? Have you checked them out or do you usually just clip from the papers?

    • I use coupons.com, plus Smart Source and Red Plum sites, and the Sunday ads. Then if I am looking for a specific product, I check out the manufacturer’s site if I can’t find one anywhere else. I also use the coupon database at http://www.passionforsavings.com/ to get store/coupon matchups that I might have missed. [they also have some great videos for getting started that I found really helpful!] I also am trying to be more open with what I’m buying so it matches the coupons– those microwave meals were not something I normally would buy, but at 50 cents each, they were a great buy and something I know I will eat.
      Thanks for reading!

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