About Me!

I’m Erin. I’m well on my way to being 26, and decided its about time I get my shit together and become an equally awesome but more grown up version of me. I think I’m almost there– luckily working 60+ hours a week makes you get over the crazy party days pretty fast!

I’ve finished my master’s in education last year, so I would appreciate it if everyone would refer to me as Master Erin. I wonder why more people don’t use these academic titles?

I never knew I liked to cook until I had to do it for the kids I nannied for, in a foreign country with a measuring cup that measured only grams and milliliters and no chocolate chips. Now I try to get crazy in the kitchen a few times a week to spice up my otherwise boring life!

Other than that, I’m currently getting into couponing to finance my shopping habits, training for my first half marathon, making crafts off of pinterest, and instagramming pictures of my 3 favorite things: sunsets, home manicures, and my coloring creations on babysitting days.

Things I like: sharing thought-provoking or totally stupid links on facebook; brunch; alphabetizing, color coding, or otherwise organizing my closet, bookshelf, sharpie collection, etc.; making lists with things i’ve already accompliched on them so i can cross things off; the color cerulean; being full-time fancy; changing up my bulletin board; using non-traditional fonts; lower case letters except for r which i prefer to write in caps, my signature; my delightful duvet and buying new covers and coordinating brightly colored sheet sets for it; dinner parties; board games; staying at home, watching a movie, and going to bed early on weekends; having a clean room; reading news magazines in google reader so i don’t miss any articles.

Things I dislike: not being able to remember the word i want to use; bugs; sunburn; cats; incompetence; people who think its funny to move things out of color order to see if i notice; inappropriate font use; that my dad thinks the picture on his mantle is of snow geese when it is CLEARLY an ostrich; being wrong; too many or too few pillows on a bed; when the email noise goes off and it’s not something i care about; not having service on my cell phone; yellow post its; bad handwriting.

These lists are subject to change at any time.

Now that you know all about me, say hi!


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