Food Friday: Inside the Box

I used to get a lot more creative in the kitchen. You know, when I ONLY worked 40 hours a week, wasn’t broke, and had a full kitchen. These days, it’s more of a school-day rut.

fruit + a granola bar
fruit + yogurt

fast food at work out now, I gave it up for Lent!
PBJ or ham sandwich + fruit +string cheese
microwave meal + fruit + string cheese
grilled chicken salad (very occasionally; usually when I only work a half day)
or, let’s be real, a bag of chips from the gas station :/

My lunch, however, is another story. It may be routine, but I have found the perfect recipe for lunch success. The uniform skirt of the meal-time world, if you will. It’s quick, easy, eliminates the need for decision making, and  delicious. Ok, that doesn’t quite fit…

Either way, my lunches are perfection in a [lunch] bag!


Lunch Box + Wonder Bread Sandwich Holder

Recipe for the Perfect Lunch

1. Ham, Spinach and Tomato sandwich

2. Any 3-4 of the following:
fruit (apple, orange or pear)
granola bar
fiber one brownie
string cheese
chips or jell-o pudding

3. Water, juice box or capri sun

4. Enjoy!


Thursday selections (orange + brownie saved for snack)

I mix it up from day to day so lunch is always different. I don’t consistently buy chips or pudding, so those tend to be special treats, but everything else is in rotation. Like I said, I go through string cheese by the bagful; I also go through about a pound of spinach and a bag of oranges a week. The nice thing about this mix is most of them are in the 100-ish calorie range so its easy to keep track of what I’m eating. Usually I take 3-4 and then save 1 or 2 to eat for snack in the afternoon before I run.


Meatless Friday not-quite-perfect meal (orange + applesauce saved for snack)

For Lent, I’ve been subbing in some microwave meals for the sandwich. Not quite perfection, but I highly recommend these Barilla meals… the sauce was fantastic and it cooked in 90 seconds! They have coupons on their website so check it out if you need a quick lunch option!

The usual sandwich is actually the same one I’ve been eating for lunch since college– no alterations: always dijon on the spinach half, Miracle Whip (mayo back in the day!) with the ham. Always. And never cheese. If I don’t have one of the ingredients, I take something else. Why mess with success?

Now that the week is over, I can get a little crazier! On the menu this weekend…

Tonight: Catfish Nuggets
Saturday: Eggs, Toast, Fruit; Buffalo Pepperoni Pizza with this easy crust from an awesome food blog. If you like to try new recipes, you should definitely check that site out [I see TONS of her recipes pop up on my pinterest]!
Sunday: Starbucks breakfast [soy latte + blueberry scone]; leftovers; Mexican food with the family

What’s on your menu? Do you have a go-to lunch every day?

Happy Weekend!