I’m Back, Y’all!

Maybe not permanently, but SPOILER I will have lots more free time coming up so blogging instead of boozing seems like a pretty solid life plan right now. Anywho.

I haven’t really talked about this on here but for the first half of the year, I was training for a half marathon. I started at the beginning of the year, and the plan was to run one on the day before my 26th birthday, fulfilling my goal of running one for age 25. Long story short, I got hurt but still managed to complete a 10K in April after lots of rest and realized that the only way I was going to finish the half was crawling toward the finish line. And that was if I was lucky. I scrapped that plan about a month before the race, back at the beginning of May.

Since that day, I haven’t even touched my running shoes.

It’s been a long summer of working 60-hour weeks and 12-hour days, and I realized that maybe what my body needed was a chance to just REST. I got 8 hours of sleep a night and relaxed on weekends and focused on making sure my whole body was healthy. One of my biggest concerns, one that was very difficult to voice, was that a lot of the injury trouble was caused in part by my weight. So I also spent the summer reassessing my diet and started losing weight– about 15 pounds so far.

So, yesterday my alarm went off. I got the call telling me that it’s time to switch back over to school hours, leaving me with several hours in the afternoon to work out. I already had some plans in the works to scale back my hours at my night job, leaving me with 2-3 evenings off every week. Time to get back to work[ing out]!

I headed out today to perfect weather, with the goal of doing a 4-mile loop of the area surrounding my home. I figured I would survey the rolling hills, re-adjust to my shoes and compression socks, get a feel for the neighborhood– paying close attention to sidewalks, construction, spots for an emergency water break, alternoute routes, all of that. Oh– and do a LOT of walking and a little bit of running. I know the area well enough that I knew the shortcuts if I needed to cut it back to only 2 or 3 miles if I felt too crappy, too.

And boy did it feel great!


I worked out some kinks with my RunKeeper app since I’d never used the interval option in there before;

rocked my shorts that were way too tight before (and totally coordinated with my other gear);


discovered that there is STILL no sidewalk on the half-mile stretch that is my warmup and found an alternate path since the my weak ankles are no match for the crappy, uneven grassy shoulders; figured out where to cross the street since there’s 3/4ths of a mile completely torn up by construction; and remembered how to run on hills. Oh, the hills.

I did 60/90 intervals running and walking for about 20 minutes and walked the rest. I could definitely feel how out of shape I was on the running, but just finishing the 4 miles gave me the boost I needed to WANT to start up again.


It’ll definitely be a while before I’m good to go again. I’m using Nicole’s¬†awesome From 0 to 13.1 Training Plan that I enjoyed so much last time. My biggest complaint with it is that a lot of the time it feels like I’m progressing SOOOOOOO slowly, but… oh, can you not hear me from all the way over here, sidelined in the injury corner? That’s what happens when you ignore the totally BS “recommended” plan and go with your own expert opinion.

I definitely have a tendency to push myself to go harder and faster. It’s a great thing to have in a race setting or to keep you going when you just can’t go anymore. But it definitely causes me to overdo it sometimes, and it’s an urge I need to squash until I get myself up and running injury free. I’m determined to do this right and take the time I need to stay injury free, even if it means repeating weeks this time around.

I’m going to get out tomorrow and try to do something similar or check out another area I’ll be running pretty frequently, and I’m STOKED to kick off the training plan again on Monday.

So… If you’re waiting for your alarm clock to go off and get something started, I’m telling you, THIS IS IT!